What is Level Up Chess all about?

Put simply, this site was created by chess lovers for chess lovers. The editorial team is made up of keen players who want to share with the world their love of the game. 

There are plenty of sites who cater to the competitive player who wants tutorials and lessons on things like tactics, but there aren't as many sites who want to create an "online magazine" about chess. While we might post tutorials from time to time, the main aim of this site is to present content that chess players will find interesting. 

You'll find reviews of the latest chess gear; the best sets, pieces and boards from around the world (from cheap $10 sets to $15,000 mammoth tusk sets!). While you can play chess on a piece of paper, there's something about owning and playing on a really beautiful looking and feeling set, so we hope to help you find the best set for you, whatever your preferences. 

You'll also find guides on various chess topics, such as the definitive guide to the history of chess. Other topics we've covered include chess etiquette, the benefits of chess and a short history on blindfold chess. More will be coming out in the future. 

There will also be a focus on the best things in chess; the best (and most interesting players), the best YouTube channels to watch if you're a chess fanatic, the best clubs to join wherever you are in the world and so on. 

We hope that by creating content like this that we can help grow the game that we all know and love. 

If you have any suggestions or comments, you can reach the editorial team on the contact us page.