Best ​Giant Chess Set​

A giant chess set is an investment you can't afford to mess up. Not only are they costly but you also don't want to end up with a chess set that doesn't appeal to you.

There are so many giant chess sets out there and it's very easy to get caught up in the noise. This is an expert's guide that will help you shop for the best giant chess set that suits YOU. Remember, it will only be the best chess set if it suits your needs.

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​Editor's Pick

​The Giant Chess Set - The Editor's Choice

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Most Durable Giant Chess Set - The Immortal chess set

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​Most Striking Giant Chess Set - The Beauty queen

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​Best LED Giant Chess Set - The Techy Giant

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​Best Budget Giant Chess Set - The Budget Giant

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The Giant Chess Set - The Editor's Choice

The winner of the day is The MegaChess 36 Inch Teak Giant Chess Set. There are so many giant sets out there but this one stood out. Here are our reasons why:

  • ​It's gorgeous. No one can look at this giant chess set without stealing a second glance. Hold one of these in your hands, feel the smooth texture, and see the amount of detail.
  • ​This traditional but classy chess set is made from Teak Wood. Teak wood is one of the best hardwoods in the world because of its durability and waterproof capabilities. This material makes this the perfect chess set for outdoor use. The rubber base stops puddles from forming at the bases and the sun-resistant strain preserves the wood's beauty.
  • ​No. It's not as heavy as you thought it would be. The chess pieces are easy to move in actual gameplay. Even your kids and grandparents can have a go.
  • The King stands at 36 inches. You'll need to have a chessboard with 18-inch squares to play. The entire set weighs 900 pounds.

Most Durable Giant Chess Set - The Immortal chess set

The winner is the Custom MegaChess 36 Inch Fibreglass Giant Chess Set. It won the round before the match even started.

  • ​Fiberglass is a material capable of giving you a good looking and durable giant chess set. Some say its beauty rivals that of Teak wood. The feel is as expected - smooth. The amount of detail in the king's cross, the queen's crown, and the knights' mane is remarkable.
  • ​Fiberglass is easier to maintain than Teak wood. Teak wood needs annual wood treatments whereas, fiberglass doesn't. Fiberglass will do with just a few wipes to remove dust and moisture. This material can also handle any weather condition - fit for outdoor use.
  • ​The king is 36 inches tall. The pieces are hollow and light. The whole chess set weighs 170 pounds.

Most Striking Giant Chess Set - The Beauty queen

This list's idol is the MegaChess 24 Inch Teak Giant Chess Set. Be careful not to fall in love with this one - Its looks can steal your heart.

  • ​It had to be Teak wood. Not only does it show fine details, but it's also tough and durable. In addition to this, the traditional Staunton design suits it perfectly. Sun-resistant strain and polyurethane further amplify its beauty. This set can withstand any weather conditions.
  • ​It's a work of art. The pieces are light enough to be easily lifted but heavy enough to resist wind.
  • ​The king is 24 inches tall. You'll need a chessboard with 12-inch squares to play.

Best LED Giant Chess Set - The Techy Giant

You don't see this chess giant chess set every day. It's the only giant chess set you can play at night. Had a nightmare? Go to your backyard and calm your nerves with a game of chess.

  • ​The 3-Watt LED lights can be used continuously for 72 hours. With this amount of power, you should enjoy a substantial duration of gameplay without buying new 9V batteries.
  • ​It's a 32-piece chess set - 2 sets of frosty white chess pieces. You have the option of buying a set of black pieces for daytime gameplay.
  • ​It's made from high-density plastic and the whole chess set is virtually indestructible. In addition to that, the colors are fade-resistant, protect the pieces from UV radiation, and can withstand any weather condition.
  • The hollow pieces are light enough to be easily carried but heavy enough to resist wind. It's the best giant chess set for backyards, resorts, shopping malls, and institutional campuses.
  • The king is 25 inches tall and a pawn 16.

Best Budget Giant Chess Set - The Budget Giant

Not everybody has over $4,000 to spend on a giant chess set. But this doesn't mean you should miss out on all the fun. The MegaChess 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set is the most popular giant chess set in the world.

  • ​It makes up for its standard design by being the cheapest and toughest chess set you can buy. The high-density plastic used is virtually indestructible, fade-resistant, and able to withstand any weather conditions.
  • ​The hallow pieces are easy to carry and move around but heavy enough to resist the wind. The pieces have compartments in their bases in which you can fill up with sand or water to increase their weight.
  • ​The King is 25 inches tall and a pawn 16. The best giant chess set for a household with clumsy kids.

The Buyer's Guide

We know deciding on the best giant chess set can be a bit difficult. Here is a list of some factors you should check on before checking out.


The material determines the look and durability of the chess set. Commonly used materials include plastic, teakwood, and fiberglass.


This is the most commonly used material. Not only is it cheap, but it's also durable compared to other materials. Chess sets made of plastic might not be the classiest, but what you lack in looks you get in toughness and cheapness.

Plastic chess sets are virtually indestructible. The best choice for tipsy users and clumsy children.


Teak is one of the finest hardwoods in the world because of its durability and water-resistant capabilities. Teak gives giant chess sets a detailed definition that will have you drooling. This material can handle any weather condition. Even rain - It's waterproof. However, it's costly and needs annual treatment.


Fiberglass offers the best from both worlds - Looks and durability. It might be cheaper than teak, but not as cheap as plastic. Many fiberglass chess sets come with custom features to choose from to match your style and personality.


This is a very delicate matter. It's clear the fancier the design or style, the more expensive the chess set. However, you don't want to stoop so low.

Large fiberglass is highly customizable with many custom colors to choose from. These giant chess sets are not so costly.

Teak looks good from any angle. Best for traditional, medieval, and Staunton-style chess sets. Very costly.

Plastic offers limited styles to choose from but it's cheap compared to the teak and fiberglass.


This factor is influenced by the size, material, and style of the chess set. It's a matter of getting the right balance of the three. The larger the giant chess set, the higher the price. Teak costs twice as much as plastic. Custom chess sets will require you to dig deeper into your pockets.


This is one thing people often forget to add to their shopping lists. Some chess sets come with chessboards and others don't. You also have the option of making one. Make sure it's big enough to accommodate all pieces. Your reference is the King piece's base diameter. Ask the manufacturer for recommendations to the best chessboard that matches your new chess pieces.

Will it be teak wood, plastic, or fiberglass? Don't be pushed into making the wrong decision. It all depends on your personal preferences and needs. It's best if go to public parks and experience different giant chess sets before buying one for private use.


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