Cool, Unique and Different Chess Sets

​Shopping for fresh and unique chess sets can be a daunting experience. You can quickly end up buying something that is not worth the value of your money due to the rush.

Therefore, you need to do a little research and analyze some findings before spending a significant amount on a particular chess set.

So today, we are going to look at some of the coolest, unique and different chess sets reviews out there.

The buyer’s guide is going to act as a tool that will offer direction on some of the things to consider before purchasing a chess set. Let’s get started. 

Top Cool, Unique, and Different Chess Sets



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​​​Best Unique

​Man Ray Chess Set - Board and Pieces

Coolest Set

​Sydney Gruber’s Painted Chess

​​Brass Art Deco Men 

​Brass Art Deco Men on Red Grain Decoupage Board

Best Lawyer Set

​"Approach the Bench" Legal Chess Set

​​Egyptian Chess

​Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set

​​3D Chess

​Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

Top Cool and Unique ​Chess Sets

​Many people, when shopping for chess sets, usually consider chess sets that fit into their budget, and they rarely look at its coolness or uniqueness.
Such types of chess sets tend to be boring, and they can stagnate your passion into the game of chess.

However, there are some cool and unique chess sets out here discovered to rejuvenate the passion of the game.

Here are some of the top quality cool and unique chess sets that come in different styles to perfectly fit into your hobby. Let’s find out more:

1. ​​Man Ray Chess Set

This is the first entry into our list, and it is regarded to be the most relaxed chess set when compared to the others highlighted in the guide.

The chess set has cool and unique pieces designed by Man Ray, who is a Philadelphia-born and Brooklyn- raised artist.

The pieces of the chess design in an abstract geometric style that makes them appear shorter than other convectional chessmen out there.

However, the power of each piece on the chessboard is uniquely represented by the area to volume ratio.

Knowing the power and essence of each piece on the board will help you differentiate between the parts easily.

Let’s find out more now.

The pawns are less powerful pieces on the board; hence, they tend to occupy less space as compared to other parts. Also, they are unknown to be the shortest on the board.

That’s not all.

The design of board pieces of Man Ray chess set has hidden meaning that is useful when it comes to learning how to play chess.

The king pieces are designed in an ancient Egyptian pyramid symbol that was used to represent kingship while the queen piece is in a cone shape to describe the headgear of a medieval queen.

Another cool thing to note is that the flagon design represents the tradition of bishops in the creation of exotic liqueurs and spirits.

Knight is another critical piece fashioned in violin’s head scroll, and the design is what makes them stand out on the board.

Finally, the pieces are joined with the rest of the beechwood set, which is made in Germany and finished to perfection.

The finished perfection is attained by adding a green billiard cloth base for protecting the surface of the bench wood.

The board has a measurement of 17 inches square by ¾ of an inch in thickness by two ⅛ inch squares. On the other hand, the king piece has measures about 3.25 inches in tallness and 1.5-inch base.

Other pieces like the queen have a height of 3.25 inches, Bishop is 2.75 inches, Knight is 2 inches while the rook and pawns are 1.4 inches.


Man Ray Chess Set

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2. ​Sydney Gruber’s Painted Chess Collection

This is another masterpiece that tends to stand out due to its uniqueness. Once you purchase one, then be ready to be the only one owning such great masterpiece chess set in the whole world.

The pieces on the board are hand-painted by Sydney Gruber, who is a lifelong chess player and a great artist.

The uniqueness and coolness of the chess set are worth the value of your money. The chess collection is one of its kind.

Above all, the chess set occurs in different colors and styles to meet the tastes and preferences of chess enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, you’ll be expected to make prompt payment once you see a design of your choice before someone else buys it. Most of the designs are never repeated.

The good news is that the chess sets are readily available in many stores around the world since most of them tend work in collaboration with artist Sydney Gruber.

Sydney is an artist who works around the clock to come up with something cool and unique regularly. The passion in a chess game is what trigger him to design excellent products for other chess enthusiastic.

The sizes of the chess sets are variable, but the pieces are painted to bring out that appealing appearance.

That’s not all.

The board of the chess is regular, but we recommend springing board so that you can get that full experience of painted chessmen, board, and box.

Getting customized chess sets can be tricky due to the high demand, but you can still contact vendor for your order.

 Sydney Gruber’s painted chess collection is among the top unique and cool chess sets in the world. Well, it’s time to take your passion for chess game to another level by purchasing this chess set.


​Sydney Gruber’s Painted Chess

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3. ​​Brass Art Deco Men on Red Grain Decoupage Board

Brass art deco chess set has a neat functionality, and the unique beauty is the reason behind their popularity around the world.

The modern design of the chess set brings out that fresh visual appealing and also trigger strong passion in your favorite game.

The chess set has unique and unusual styles of elements that can impress the opponents as well as wow the audience.

The shimmering artwork of the chess set will allow you to show off and have confidence when setting up in front of spectators.

Moreover, the chess set has a red grain decoupage board with an astounding sleek and smooth finish.

The pieces are tall and slim hence stand on the alternating squares of the board like a skyscraper. The ivory and red tones, along with patterned border around the sides, are what also makes the chess set unique and cool.

The chess set is made using a unique technique that result in a custom set that has appealing visual in-depth. The coloring of the board makes it easier to play the game.

Do you have loved ones who are chess enthusiastic? Well, you can buy them Brass art deco chess set as a gift.

This is an excellent chess set that can help to improve problem-solving skills and also a fun way to engage the mind of your loved ones.

Above all, every piece and the chessboard can last for a couple of years besides offering full-time entertainment.

The board has a measurement of 18.25-inch x 18.25 inch where each square measures about 1.75 inches. The king piece has a height of about 4 inches and a base of 1.25 inch.


Brass Art Deco Men on Red Grain Decoupage Board

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4.​"Approach the Bench" Legal Chess Set

Legal chess set is another fantastic gift that can be given to a person practicing law or to anyone aspiring to be a lawyer.

The pieces on the chessboard represent precise figures in the courtroom, and it can be an excellent point to learn much of their roles through the game.

The appealing design of the chess set has made it accessible and even find its way into several law magazines.

If you have a child graduating or aspiring to be a lawyer, then purchase the legal chess set as a gift during their birthday or graduation day.

The game will trigger and stimulate the passion for excelling in the profession as they will have the enthusiasm to win.

Also, the game help to improving their thinking and reasoning skills within a short period.

The cool chess set has pieces made from cold cast bronze, and they are model differently to represent precise vital figures in the courtroom.

Some of the common chessmen are the attorneys, the judge, the lady liberty, the bailiffs, and a pair of jurors as well as a stack of books.

The chess set has the intention to impress the audience with a large king piece that is about 5 inches tall.

One thing that makes the legal chess set unique and different from others is due to the raised starting position that imitates the courtroom.

The king and the queen are usually elevated more than other pieces on the chessboard.

The features are what make this chess set quite adorable and appealing to law enthusiastic individuals across the world.


"Approach the Bench" Legal Chess Set

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​5. ​​Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set

If you’re busy shopping for a unique and cool chess set that none of your friends own then consider Egyptian chess set.

The artistic design of the chess set is what makes them unique and adorable. The uniqueness is brought about the gold and silver material.

These two materials were quite vital, especially in the modeling of the ancient Egyptian gods, goddess, pharaohs, and other prominent figures in the kingdom.

The figurines are not the only things that mesmerize the audience and players but also the final touch of the board itself.

If you are that guy who empresses the ancient culture of Egyptian and an enthusiastic chess player, then Egyptian chess set is a perfect matchboard.

The board has a storage area for chessmen if you do not want to leave them on display. The masterpiece design of the chess set is what makes them stand apart from others.

In terms of measurement, the chessboard is about 22 inches square with a thickness of about 1⅝ inches inclusive of the storage space.

The king has a height of 3 inches, and the base size is about 3/16 inches. Other pieces have a moderate height that can easily be distinguished.


Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set

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6. Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

The unique Metal Gladiator 3D chess set is quite adorable, and if you’re that person who looks into finer details when shopping for chess, then this is a game of cool chess set for you.

It is modeled in a way that it can bring excitement from the jeering and cheering of the crowd. The clashing between the dens of pieces marked with details on the unique board is something that can never be described.

Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set is a perfect gift for collectors, children, and a history buff as well as for decorating the Livingroom.

The impressive chess set is ideal for engaging the guests when they have come to visit you instead of staring on the TV.

All the pieces on the board are unique and cool, thus pinpointing on the most refreshing element can be hard.

The most outstanding element is the chessboard due to its large Colosseum walls that support a glass playing surface.

The amazing board tends to measure about 16 x 16 x 4 ¾ inches while the playing surface is 13 ⅝ inches square with 1 ½ inch squares. The measurements give the board a 3D model.

That’s not all.

The elements are made from casted metal then fine finished with either silver or bronze coloring.

The king piece is the most striking piece of the board since it has a height if 3 inches and a base diameter of 1.25 inch.

The model of the chess set tends to mimic some of the great person found in the ancient Colosseum such as lions, emperors, and gladiators.

With this model of a chess set, you can have a taste of gladiator fight right back in your Livingroom. Above all, the chess set model is quite affordable.


Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

5 of 5 Stars

Cool and Unique Chess Sets Buying Guide

Here are some of the factors to put into consideration when buying a chess set that will perfectly fit your preferences:

Budget or Price

The cost of the chess set is the number one factor to think off before heading to shop. Buying a game of chess is typically a game of tradeoff between quality and money.

The correlation between amounts of money spend on chess and quality is quite substantial as well as integral.

Therefore, the more amount spends on chess sets, the higher the quality of chess set you are likely to get.

Chess game has become the most expensive sport around the world due to the luxury effect associated with it.

Many games of chess enthusiastic have started paying for luxury instead of quality. However, there is plenty of chess sets out there, but they do not offer anything substantial.

It is advisable to consider a chess set that quite fit your budget since sometimes quality does not play any vital role in the game rather than a luxury.


What do you want to do with the chess sets? Well, this should be the first question to toss your mind on the ocean before spending vast amounts on chess sets.

If you’re planning to compete in a chess tournament, then consider the functionality of chess sets instead of a luxury. Go for chess sets that are convenient since they tend to be quite affordable.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to buy a gift for your best friend or family member who is a chess enthusiastic then go for something fancier.

Customized Sets

There are many vendors of chess sets out there, and most of them offer both standard and customized chess sets.

Most of the customized chess sets usually embrace the culture, history, mythology, and among many other things.

However, personalized chess pieces sometimes tend to be tricky to be recognized, and even their dimension does not match the squares on the board.

Though they tend to look beautiful, they are not ideal for competing in a tournament. Therefore, consider chess sets that have pieces that can easily be identified when playing in a competition.

Size and Dimensions

Physical characteristics is another excellent factor to consider before buying a chess set. If you have a small space on the shelf for storing chess set, then check on the dimension first before placing the order.

Bigger chess sets tend to occupy larger space though sometimes the relevance of dimension is also connected to the purpose.

If you’re planning to compete in a tournament, then consider more massive chess sets rather than tiny ones.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to travel by train on a long-distance then consider smaller sets since it will be convenient carry.


Traditionally, chess sets were made using raw materials like marble, ebony, and ivory. However, the advancement in technology has brought a new tweak in its construction.

Recently, many chess sets are made of plastics and wood. The pieces are made of wood and the board from either plastic or carton.

The materials determine the quality and durability of chess sets. Plastic chess sets tend to be less expensive since they are regarded to be of inferior quality.

On the other hand, wooden chess sets are quite expensive, and they tend to last for a couple of years.

Therefore, when you are planning to buy a chess set base on the material, then it is good to know that material choice has a strong correlation between price and quality.

Above all, there is another chess set made from glass, and it tends to be astonishing, although it is highly fragile. However, you need to have a well-loaded wallet to afford it.


Last but not least, the brand of the chess set is also a significant factor to put into consideration. There are so many chess brands out there in the market, and even new brand vendors are sprouting out quite often.

Most of these brand vendors tend to produce some products that are of low quality but at an exorbitant price.

Take your time to gather information about the reputation of each brand vendor before spending vast amounts on chess sets.

Bottom Line

There are several renowned stores for selling unique and cool chess sets. Use your intuition to select the brand that suits your tastes and preferences.

Most chess brand manufacturers have endeavored to produce something that will break the boredom of the traditional style of chess.

Modern technology and creativity have helped to turn the traditional chess sets into something cool and unique.

From our compilation list, there is no better chess set than the other since the tastes and preference of people is quite different.

However, it is advisable to opt for a chess set that will bring a lot of excitement in the game by expressing your interests and customized style.

Moreover, factors like uniqueness, coolness, decoration, and durability should be the first thing to consider before spending any coin.

Also, pick a chess set that will entirely be meet by your budget and trigger the passion of the game. Choose a theme of a chess set that can describe your hobby well.

Therefore, take your time to read our buyers’ guide and a pick a chess set that speaks more about you. Once you pick the right one, you will hate playing on the traditional chess set styles.


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