Harry Potter Chess Sets

Harry Potter is now more than just a fictional movie, it is everything we see around us – from bags to shirts, to shoes and many other fun accessories. However, the one that definitely struck us, and seemed to be more exciting is the chess game. For lovers of the Harry Potter series, you will understand that the wizard loves playing the game of chess, and while it appears fatal, it is one of the best games to play.

We understand that many people who are diehard fans of Harry Potter and would love to play the chess game could face problems choosing a particular type of chess set; considering the fact that there are many of them. The aim of this guide is to show you the top 3 best Harry Potter chess sets being compared (in the comparison chart) and reviewed after. Also, there is the individual buying guide section to help you discover what you want and how to buy.

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​The Noble Collection Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

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The Noble Collection Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Quidditch Chess Set​

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​Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

​Best Harry Potter Chess Set​

1. ​​​Noble Collection Chess Set

Back to the Noble Collection Harry Potter Chess set, it is an ideal choice for every home because it is really nice and comfortable. The chess pieces have been crafted with wonderful material which makes it really easy to move and play. In addition, this game set comes at a very affordable price which is good enough considering its size, gameplay and other attributes.


32 strong PVC chess pieces – 16 silver and 16 black

2.5 to 5.5 ins. piece range

20 x 20 ins. board display dimension


Very fun to play

Board is wide enough for maximum satisfaction

The overall best Harry Potter game chess set

An incredible replica of the authentic movie; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone


Pieces are dangerous around little kids

Might not be to everyone's taste


​​The Noble Collection Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set


5 of 5 Stars

2. ​​Hogwarts Houses Harry Potter Chess Set

An interesting thing about this game chess set which makes it different from other Harry Potter sets is its unique body design. There is going to be so much joy playing this game because every fan knows Hogwarts houses are always coming at each other; what better way is it to play this game than on a chess set? The game is best played amidst friends because of its gameplay, rather than at home.

Also, you get to play your favorite Hogwarts house because this Quidditch chess set has 4 major chess pieces in different compartments and they include; Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. Therefore, you can make any combination you want, i.e., Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor, or Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff, etc., whichever way pleases you. In fact, its exquisite design is what makes people go crazy about this type of chess set.


4 Hogwarts houses pieces

12 x 12 x 3 inches board dimension

Small hardwood board

24K gold plated ornaments


Beautifully crafted for fun

Great to play among friends

Gives a wide range of options

Incredible storage for chess piece


Very expensive and quite heavy compared to others


The Noble Collection Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Quidditch Chess Set


5 of 5 Stars

3. ​​Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

This Harry Potter chess set is also an ideal choice for home and it is best known for its good value for money. It brings the whole wizard experience to chess as it features a duel between two characters according to a part of the series. This game is a replica of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, and it is fun as long as it is played with heart.

Since it is made by the Noble Collection, one can only expect good designs, nice storage and artistic representations from the board to the chess pieces. In fact, they make sure it is well-detailed and has the best art to ensure it brings a lot of fun.


2 to 4 ins. chess pieces

18.5 x 18.5 ins. board display

Two drawstring pouches

Artistically designed playing board


It has an incredible artistic representation

Simple but a good value for money

An interesting gameplay

Perfect storage


Can only be played indoors with the family


​Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set


5 of 5 Stars

Buying Guide: What to Look Out For?

How did we choose the above Harry Potter chess sets? There were a few things we looked at, here's the explanation of how we came to our conclusions. 


With many brands out there, it is inevitable that there will be genuine and counterfeit chess board sets. However, we have made a good selection out of the top brands who we are confident of the quality of their products to provide these amazing chess sets. These brands have been known not only to be interested in bringing Harry Potter series into reality as a game but have also made it fun and lively. One of the top brands is Noble collection, and they have products from those we have reviewed above.


Another factor put into consideration as regards this Harry Potter chess game set is the price. These products have been carefully selected according to the customer’s affordability. Although one or two of them from above are expensive, they are worth the price if the features and designs are taken into consideration. Above that, they stand out from many others available on the market with regard to price.

Durability of Material

Also, the durability of the material is what we have understood that buyers will be interested in. No one wants to buy a chess set that the board will get destroyed immediately after the first use, or the chess pieces will get broken on little pressure. This is why we have chosen from sets with the best durable materials such as plexiglass, PVC, die-cast zinc, and hardwood. At least, each of these materials will be able to survive many months or years on prolonged use. Truthfully, we can guarantee that those three above are incredible on durability terms.

Design and Game Play

Nothing beats a game more than a fantastic design and concept! Everyone loves to play games that have been designed with nice themes and features for fun, and with the chess game, we can say the same. According to popular reviews, these chess game sets above have artistic designs which make it feel surreal. In fact, the concept or gameplay is a replica of whatever happened in the series, only that winning depends on who is controlling different ends of the game of chess. As we can see, there is one that talks about the fight of Hogwarts houses, and another between Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.

Board Display and Chess Pieces

More importantly, the board display and chess pieces are great factors considered in the selection process. They are what makes up the chess set and in order to enhance an interesting play, they must be in the best form. However, there are different materials used in making these boards and chess pieces, but they are safe and easy to use.


If you want to maintain your chess set very nicely, then, you should consider how you will store the board and pieces after a game. Luckily enough, these three Harry Potter chess sets above have great storage to make sure the board is in good condition, and the 32 pieces are kept safe to prevent them from getting lost. This also makes up a reason why we have considered the three chess sets out of many others.


Anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter series and loves to play chess at the same time as the wizard himself, you should count yourself lucky. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss as you watch your favorite wizard stories played as a game before you. In conclusion, make sure you get the perfect chess set suitable for you on several bases such as location, preference, gameplay, and budget, you will definitely have a lifetime of fun!