The Best Marble and Stone Chess Sets

Ready to buy your first stone or marble chess set? You could never be in a better place. In this profound and extensive review, we will offer spot-on tips on how to choose the perfect set for your needs.

If you or a friend is a chess enthusiast, then owning a marble or stone chess set is an unbeatable experience. However, it is not going to be a smooth ride choosing the perfect set for your needs. The market will bombard you with all manner of chess sets. The sets will come in a diversity of sizes, shapes, and decorations. Saying you will be overwhelmed, is an understatement.

Well, your hard days are behind you now. This in-depth guide has your back. You will explore a professional buyer’s guide, a few vetted chess sets, and an editor’s opinion. Are you ready for an exciting read? Let’s get to it.

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​16-inch Coral & Black American-Design Marble Chess Set

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​13-inch Pink and Swirled White Onyx Chess Set

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​16-inch Green and White Marble Chess Set

​Black ​& ​White

​Radicaln 16-inch Black and White Chess Set

Black & Brown

Black-Brown Alabaster Chess Set (with Wooden Frame)

Reviews for the Best Stone and Marble Chess Sets in 2020

Out there, it is a sea of options for the best stone and marble chess sets. We can never exhaust all the possibilities. That does not mean we will leave you to your means to make a great choice. Of course, we want to find a set that fits into your needs like a glove. That is why we went out of our way to research, test, and seek the opinion of experts about the best stone and marble chess sets. We got a few reviews that will help you make the correct decision. If you are short in time to go through all the reviews, check out the comparison table for a quick decision.

1. ​​​16-inch Coral & Black American-Design Marble Chess Set

Talk of beauty and this coral & black marble chess set comes to mind. Its natural stone hue is something to admire. The specific swirls and veins make sure you will never get two sets with the same features. Each set is unique and beautiful in its own way.

The chessboard for this American-designed marble set is a masterpiece. It is made from marble in coral color. Based on the coral marble, the black checkered squares add a contrasting effect. By virtual of the stone foundation, the chessboard stays grounded as you play. The play space is 16 square inches, thus allowing you adequate space to make your moves. Additionally, this means you will not need much space to store your set when playing time is over.

The chessmen literally take after the chessboard; their beauty is a jaw-dropping showpiece. Unlike plenty of other marble chess pieces taking up modern designs, these ones remain true to the conventional Staunton. As you hold them between your fingers, you can feel the details in every vein and twist. For the traditional chess enthusiast, nothing will excite you more than the artwork in every part of this coral & black marble set.

The package is not complete without the box. Yes, you read that right. This marble chess set comes with its own storage. There is room for each piece and adequately padded to prevent any damage from any collision. With such a chess set, what more would you need?

Key Product Specifications

  • Product net weight (chess set): 50.4oz
  • Product gross weight (chess set and box): 23lbs
  • King weight: 2.7oz
  • Board dimensions: 16X16X0.5 inches
  • Square size: 1.62 inches
  • King height: 3.375 inches

16-inch Coral & Black American-Design Marble Chess Set

​​Pull-out drawer with foam

5 of 5 Stars

2. ​​13-inch Pink and Swirled White Onyx Chess Set

Who told you compact chess sets could not punch above their weight? Get your hand on this pink and swirled white set, and you will be left speechless. A deviation from the typical Onyx design, this 13-inch chess set packs a heavyweight punch. The bright colors add a twist of beauty, something you would applaud for a relaxed playing environment. There is some effort to polish the stone, but there is a raw aura epitomizing the natural beauty of this set.

The chessboard is hand-carved from the famous Mexican stone, Onyx. The board is the work of seasoned artisans who know how to add life to mere stone. At 13.25 square inches, the board will not give you storage headaches. Push it to a corner, and you will only notice it when you want to play. Before you scorn about the board’s size, the squares are 1.5 inches. That is adequate room to maneuver your big chessmen.

The chess pieces are in their own league. You don’t use such chessmen and go back to normal ones. They are carved one piece at a time. The diversity in colors, sizes, and shapes will keep your fingers yearning for playtime.  

Key Product Specifications

  • Set weight: 12.5lbs
  • King weight: 1.6oz
  • Board dimensions: 13.25X13.25X0.625 inches
  • Square size: 1.5 inches
  • King height: 2.875 inches
  • Made from Onyx stone
  • 100% hand crafted

13-inch Pink and Swirled White Onyx Chess Set

5 of 5 Stars

3. ​​​16-inch Green and White Marble Chess Set

When you mention marble chess sets, what come to mind is a traditional coloration, and a blend of grey and white. That is exactly what this 16-inch set puts on the table of options, albeit with a touch of green and black. It is the combination of colors most people are not accustomed to, but there is nothing not to like about the expert color blending. Entirely handcrafted, this green and white marble chess set is the definition of gorgeous. The colors and the unique craftsmanship informed our decision to have this set in this coveted list.

The pure marble chessboard sets the tone for the rest of the parts. The marble is flawlessly polished and decorated with a mixture of milky-white and green shades. The veins are in fading grey for a not-so-distant contrast. The play area is 16 square inches with 1.75-inch squares; not too much of storage space but more playing room for the chessmen.

About the chess pieces, they will blow your mind with their hand-carved detailing. Their smooth and shiny finish feels warm in your fingers. At the bottom, they are padded with a special fabric to cancel out any sound as they touch the board. This ingenuity will make you love this set even more.

Key Product Specifications

  • Board size: 16 square inches
  • Set weight: 14lbs
  • King weight: 0.03oz
  • King height: 3.5 inches
  • King base: 1.25 inches

​16-inch Green and White Marble Chess Set

5 of 5 Stars

4.​ Radicaln 16-inch Black and White Chess Set

The most notable feature about this Radicaln 16-inch chess set is the black and white theme. There is a cocktail of both contemporary and classical feel about it. It will fit in with most color schemes in a library or your private study. While simplicity is at the center of this set, expect it to wow chess players in unimagined ways.

The use of marble considerably adds to its aesthetic value. Place it anywhere, and you will get glitter of beauty. It is a piece you can keep and hand down to those in your lineage. The board is the centerpiece of this Radicaln champ. Its stone has been polished to a shiny and smooth texture. Pieces will glide over it effortlessly. There is zero scratching, and that is a big plus.

The chessmen take up a matte appearance, which does not go well with many people. But since you are not breaking the bank for this 16-inch set, you should be happy with the package.

Key Product Specifications

  • Board size: 16 square inch
  • Style: Classic Staunton
  • Entirely handcrafted
  • Chess set weight: 15.42lbs
  • King height: 3.5 inches

​Radicaln 16-inch Black and White Chess Set

5 of 5 Stars

​5. ​​​Black-Brown Alabaster Chess Set (with Wooden Frame)

This Black and brown alabaster set is compact. Do not worry about space because it needs the least you can spare. I can read your mind taking its small size for weakness. Please don’t; it is equally impressive as the big ones. It is made from Italian alabaster and crafted to a flawless finish. Adding to its uniqueness is the board frame, which is wood that is curved and dyed to look like the stone.

You can choose your preference from a range of six color sets. Apart from the black-brown coloration; you can also get brown-white, black-red, black-white, green-white, and blue-white color blends. Such customization is a catch for many people who love color, but not at the expense of uniqueness and natural appeal.

The chessmen are work of exceptional art. Each is individually crafted by hand. The brown and black contrast contributes to their flair. You will find yourself pausing a minute to admire them. All in all, this alabaster chess set is a cut above the rest. Nevertheless, its bottom-rock asking price is a surprise. It means, besides getting a high-quality set; you are also getting value for your money to the last dime.

Key Product Specifications

  • Material: Italian alabaster and wooden frame
  • Set weight: 12lbs
  • Board dimensions: 15X15X0.5 inches
  • Square size: 1.5 inches
  • King height: 3 inches

​Black-Brown Alabaster Chess Set

​with Wooden Frame

5 of 5 Stars

​Considerations for Buying Marble and Stone Chess Sets: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

It is not every day you buy a marble or stone chess set. That is why you and many others do not know what to look for in a suitable set. Don’t be hard on yourself; many others are sailing the same boat. If you can relate to the challenges of buying a marble or stone chess set that fits into your preferences, this is where you put on your reading glasses. Let’s start with what should inform your choice, shall we?

The material

Stone is the king material for making chess sets. The most common stones are marble and alabaster. Onyx is also a popular choice for some players. For your heads up, alabaster tends to be soft so be careful that you do not drop it on hard surfaces.

Preferring one type of stone to another is a matter of personal taste. Do not choose a specific material because of your friend. Some prefer less popular stones such as soapstone and jade. If that is your favorite cup of tea, go ahead and choose it.

On the downside, stone chess sets are fragile. Drop a piece from a low height, and you will be back to shop. Of course, stones do not shatter, but they somehow limit the level of intricacies.


How big do you want your set? Chess set sizes come in ranges of miniature to life-size. The consideration of size should be pegged on the availability of space. Before you settle on a choice, you should know the storage space you have. If you feel that you may not have adequate space, go with a standard-size set. According to the United States Chess Federation (USCF), the standard set size dimensions are as follows: chessboard 16 square inches, square 2-2.5 inches, king height 3.375-4.5 inches, king base 1.75 inches.


The game of chess has seen its fair share of evolution. It has gone through phases of modification to suit the modern player. Thanks to the wheel of change, there are various styles of chess sets. Popular among them is the Staunton set. It has been used since the second half of the 19th century. Besides, there are other styles with an equally rich history. Medieval and Barleycorn fall in this category. They are a popular choice among collectors. However, no other style beats Staunton when it comes to its practicability especially for tournaments. Unfortunately, stone sets are never used for tournaments.  


Honestly, stone and marble chess sets do not come cheap. They can leave you a beggar. It is your decision about the figure you are comfortable spending. I will not encourage you to break the bank, but rather ask you to spend within your financial limits. Good for you if you got the money to burn.

Nevertheless, a stone chess set is one thing you only buy once in a lifetime. You can make it an heirloom and pass it down to your children and them to theirs. That is an excellent reason to invest in a unique, high-quality set that will last for generations.


Are you a collector? Stone or marble chess sets make excellent collections. In this case, the boxing of the set carries great value. Make sure you know if the set you are interested in is boxed or not. Be keen to ask if the case is part of the complete set.

Practical sets should come in easy-to-carry cases. Conversely, decorative sets should not be dull and boring. They should possess an aesthetic angle as well as have sturdy and secure storage.


It is not easy telling handcrafted chess set from a factory-made one. Only experts can discern the thin line between the two. Unfortunately, not many of us would qualify as chess experts. As the chess adage goes, beauty is always in the details. Hand-made chess sets are unbelievably beautiful. Their designs are eye-catching, and you can see and touch their perfection. It is no surprise that they are more expensive than their factory cousins. If you have the money, let nothing hold you back. Don’t put on that pity look if you cannot afford them. The factory sets are equally beautiful and durable.


You probably thought that color was the last thing you would have to worry about when choosing a chess set. Well, if you are looking for a decorative collection, then you have a crucial colorful decision to make. Let your choice of color contrast with the room you will store the set.

Besides, make sure you choose contrasting colors for the squares and pieces. Typically, black and white work magically in this regard. However, you should not be limited to these two hues. You can pick any colors that complement each other.

Editor's Comments

The market is rich and overflowing with a myriad of natural stone chess sets. It is not going to be an easy hunt. However, do not be obsessed with finding the perfect set for your needs. There is nothing like perfect; it is a term we use loosely for lack of better alternatives. When you go out there to shop, keep an open mind. Peruse through the options with a balance of what you need on one side and what the market is offering on the other side. You may have to shift goalposts to accommodate the reality on the ground. However, stick up your guns for your budget. Buy what you can comfortably afford.


The hunt for the best stone and marble chess set can be a game of intrigues. You can find your perfect match in a few minutes, or it can take you hours and still have nothing to show for your effort. Before you look elsewhere, explore our reviewed products and see if any fits into your preferences. We are confident about find something from our ranks that can work for you because we picked the crème de la crème sets in the market right now. No hard feelings if you do not find anything suitable from our list. Keep hunting, be wise, and we hope we have made your decision easy.